Getting Ready For Spring? Get Ready For Storage!

Published on 3/2/2022

We’re just a few weeks away from the start of a brand-new season, but you probably don’t want to wait until then to be thinking about some of the tasks and chores that go hand-in-hand with springtime. And we’re going to help you think even one step further ahead by pointing out how some of your annual household duties might require that you take advantage of a self-storage opportunity. Read on to learn whether this might be a good option for you.

Green self storage units with mountain in background at Volunteer Mini Storage

 Summerizing your house and vehicles 

 Home maintenance alone can be quite an undertaking when spring rolls around. You may need to remove or replace storm windows and shutters as well as seasonal storm doors, covers for your air conditioning unit, covers for your barbecue grills and outdoor furniture, and covers for boats and RVs. And don’t forget about interior items like heavier curtains you might have used in winter to help keep cold air out as well as all those winter sheets and bed covers. All of these items could easily be stored for summer since you likely won’t be needing them again for at least six months. Also, any tools you might have used for spring maintenance (rakes, brushes, etc.) that you won’t use for a month or so can also go into storage. 

Interior spring cleaning

Springtime isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about decluttering. Whether you’re wanting to reorganize your interior layout or just pack some things away to lighten up the atmosphere, storage can come in really handy for accommodating all these non-essential items. And don’t forget about seasonal clothing; it’s time to think about packing up all those sweaters, coats, winter boots, scarves and hats.

Garden season

If you have landscaping beds on your property or a vegetable garden somewhere in the backyard, spring is when you need to start dealing with the upcoming growing season. This may be a case where you need to visit your storage unit if that’s where you’ve been keeping items like power tillers, shovels and hoes, gardening pots or excess potting soil. If you don’t already have these things in storage, and items like these have been maxing out the space in your garage or backyard storage shed, then it’s time to consider renting a storage unit. You’ll have a lot more space to work with at home, and you can rest assured that your belongings will be safely out of the way until the next time you need them.