Holiday Organization

Published on 12/1/2023

The Christmas holiday period is usually a busy, sometimes stressful, one for many people. There’s lots of shopping to be done, not to mention the holiday parties and special events that all make the season a festive one. But in the process of all that mayhem, it’s easy for life to get a little disorganized. If you can relate, then you might find some value in these tips we offer to help you stay organized during the holiday season. Just consider them our gift to you. 

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Since this is a time of year when a lot of people swap out their warm-weather clothing for winter clothing, it makes sense to do some purging right about now. Donate or sell anything you haven’t used in the past year; it’s just taking up space. Separate all your clothes by season if you have sufficient closets and drawer space. If not, safely store your off-season clothes in a storage unit. What you do keep in the house, though, needs to be visible. Remember the expression, “Out of sight, out of mind.”


Also consider taking a break from mailing out cards this year. No one will hate you for it. Consider sending out cards at a different time of year instead. People will definitely remember the gesture, and chances are you won’t be as stressed out. For efficiency, you can automate your card list by inputting all your recipients’ info into a spread sheet and then converting them into mailing labels. Just peel and stick!


When it comes to decorating your tree and house, consider doing a purge here too. Many of us have way more decorations than space on the tree. Prioritize the most valuable and sentimental keepsakes and let the rest go. Also, if you’re partial to the way you decorate your environment, take note of it this year. Write down the steps, take photos of the way everything looks and file that info away for next year. 


Finally, make your list and check it twice. That means, take inventory of what you have before you shop for Christmas cards or holiday décor. It will save you money and help you avoid clutter. 


Also remember that if finances are an issue, don’t overspend and make things worse. Simple, heartfelt gifts can make an impact on your friends and family and save you money in the process. Take someone to dinner and a movie or, if you’re crafty, make something by hand.