Keep Your Storage Unit Pest-Free

Published on 7/29/2021

When you lock items away in a storage unit, one of your highest priorities, no doubt, is to keep them safe—not only from theft but also from the elements, just to mention a couple of common concerns. But don’t forget about another potential threat—mice and bugs. At Volunteer Mini Storage, we take all possible measures to minimize invasion by such pests, but you can help maximize the protection of your stored goods by following some guidelines of your own. These will help you ward of an infestation before it occurs and potentially protect not only your own items but also those of your storage neighbors. A little preparation can go a long way.

 Security gate at Volunteer Mini Storage

Pack items in plastic totes with airtight lids


Store as many items as possible in plastic bins and containers with lids that provide a good seal. This is an especially good strategy for items like linens, fabrics and clothing—materials that rodents like to use for nesting. If you can’t use plastic, at least use brand-new cardboard boxes. They’re stronger and less likely to have gaps that a pest could enter. 


Don’t store food in your storage unit


You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but it happens. This could occur if you’ve recently moved and have pantry items in a box that winds up in storage. Also consider vacuuming couches and other furnishings that might be harboring crumbs. The same goes for kitchen items like pots and pans or storage containers. Finally, sweep or vacuum the unit out well and don’t ever eat food when inside the storage unit. A smell alone can attract unwanted visitors.


Keep items off the ground


Putting boxes and large items on wooden palates or cinder blocks won’t completely prevent rodents and bugs from getting to your stuff, but it can definitely deter a lot of their access. 


Wrap mattresses and upholstered furniture 


Such items are attractive to pests. Thwart them by wrapping mattresses and non-upholstered furniture in plastic and upholstered furniture in a more breathable material. But don’t wrap too tightly. This can cause moisture build-up, which can ruin your furniture finishes and upholstery.


Pest deterrents?


Check with us before utilizing any kind of spray or chemical deterrent. We want to make sure your materials don’t mix poorly with any sprays or chemicals we’ve already put in place. 


Other tips…


• Keep the unit clean and swept

• Use a product like DampRid to eliminate unwanted moisture and odors

• Put cedar blocks in a bowl on a shelf

• Drop lavender or peppermint essential oil on cotton balls