Maximize Space This Spring

Published on 3/26/2024

We’re all familiar with the practice of spring cleaning — the annual ritual where we dust off the vestiges of winter and spruce things up around the house (or office) in keeping with spring’s theme of renewal and rebirth. While actual cleaning is certainly a component of that, let’s not forget how invigorating it can be to tidy up around the house as well. There’s something about decluttering and organizing a living space that lets us tap into revitalizing energy and even elevate our states of mind. So let’s get cracking with a few seasonal strategies to help us get spring off to a good start.

 Green self storage units with mountain in background at Volunteer Mini Storage

Asses and declutter


Start by going through all your belongings and separating anything that you no longer need or use. It goes without saying that if something is broken beyond repair, it’s time for it to go. This could apply to just about anything: clothing, appliances, electronics, collectibles, housewares, décor, entertainment media — you name it. Throw away as much as you can, especially if it’s in disrepair, and then either donate or sell the rest. You may actually find yourself breathing easier once you’ve created that space in your home.


Seasonal swaps


Spring is a time to store all that winter stuff and break the spring/summer stuff out of storage. Say bye-bye to winter coats, holiday decorations, heavy blankets and the like. Use that space to accommodate your summer wardrobe and gear that you tend to use in warmer weather, such as sports equipment and lawn-care items. 


Create designated spaces


Assign specific areas of your home for your belongings. Having a place for everything will help you keep your home in order. This could be anything from a special reading nook or crafting corner to places for tools and outdoor gear.


Consider your storage options


At home, this can mean enhancing your storage spaces so that they’re more efficient. Options include space-saving furniture, shelving systems, more vertical storage and under-bed storage containers to help you make the most out of what you have. If you don’t already have one, also think about how useful a commercial storage unit might be when it comes to keeping your residence uncluttered and organized. These can be good places for those off-season items we mentioned above, and they’re especially handy for infrequently used items that would otherwise just take up space at home. 


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