Why You Should Rent Storage This Summer

Published on 5/25/2021

Summer may not be officially here according to the calendar, but those hot Tennessee days, the end of the school year and the Memorial Day holiday might argue otherwise. For all intents and purposes, it’s summertime here at Volunteer Self Storage. As we move into this new season, we wanted to point out that summer is a strategic time to rent a storage unit or to perhaps upgrade to a larger rental. Read on to discover several great reasons for getting your storage game on right now.

Open green self storage unit at Volunteer Mini Storage

Winter Clothing Storage

It would seem we’re finally done with all those winter coats, sweaters and scarves. And it’s possible that those items are taking up a lot of space in your drawers and in your closets. Free up room for your summer wardrobe by packing up your winter garments in sealed containers and storing them in a rental unit. That way they’ll be safe and ready to wear when winter rolls around again later this year. 

Pack Up The Winter Sports Gear

Along the same lines, there’s a good chance your garage and closets could use some decluttering from things like snowmobiles, ice skates, snow skis, snowboards, football equipment and the like. Stow them for the summer in a storage unit and free up space at home for all that soccer, tennis, basketball and cornhole gear.

Store Valuables While You’re Out Of Town

If you’re like most Americans, summer is your travel and vacation season. The last thing you want to deal with is someone breaking into your home while you’re away and stealing your valuables or losing precious family keepsakes in a catastrophic event like a fire or flood. More and more people are turning to storage units to protect their jewelry, collectibles and family keepsakes like photo albums and scrapbooks. Our facility offers digital video surveillance, climate control and onsite security to ensure that your storables are in safe hands.

Boat Storage

Depending on the size of your watercraft, consider using a storage rental for housing boats and jet skis when you don’t have them on the water. It keeps them from taking up space in a garage or driveway, and it can often be much more cost-effective to store such vehicles at a rental facility compared to waterfront storage options.