How Self Storage Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Published on 1/7/2022

What could renting a self-storage unit in Wears Valley possibly have to do with the ability to keep a New Year’s resolution? It may sound like a shaky connection at first blush, but in this installment, we make our case for how storage options can make it easier to improve your life—from becoming more fit to managing your finances—as we enter a new year. Read on to learn more.

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Before you dive too far into the process, we recommend starting off by writing down your goals and resolutions for 2022. Be specific. How much weight (or how many inches around your waist) do you want to lose? Which unhealthy foods do you want to cut, and which healthy ones do you want to add? Are you wanting to save more money next year? How much? What are your goals for what you want to achieve with the extra money? 


Write everything down and perhaps consider postponing goals that may be unrealistic until another time. Self-improvement is a worthy pursuit, but be careful not to take on too many major lifestyle changes at one time. This can be counterproductive. People usually have more success sticking with resolutions when they’re achievable and not too overwhelming.


• Be more active/live a healthier lifestyle


Going to the gym is a positive improvement, but instead of paying for a gym membership, what if you could open a mini gym in your own home? Use a self-storage unit to declutter the most suitable room in your house to serve as a workout area. A small storage unit would probably be sufficient to store the extra pieces of furniture and belongings that you would move out to make space. And you don’t need a lot of gear to equip a usable gym. It could be as simple as a yoga mat and a few free weights. If you want to be more ambitious, you could add a weight bench or maybe a treadmill. 


• Get organized at home


You don’t have to wait until spring to do spring cleaning. Consider doing it while you’re taking down all your Christmas decorations and putting them away for the season. Throw away or donate old holiday decorations, and store the ones you want to use in future years. Also, seasonal clothing, unused furniture pieces and boxes of family memorabilia are great candidates for keeping in a storage unit to free up space around the house. A small unit might work, but if lots of furniture is involved, you might need a larger one. And you don’t have to do complete this process in one day or weekend. Devote an entire week or perhaps even a month to one room at a time. 


• Manage your finances better


If you already have a self-storage unit, you may want to rethink what you are storing. Can you sell any of your belongings to kick off a new savings account? If not, take a look around your home, chose some items you no longer use but perhaps have not found the time or will to let go of and put them in a storage unit. In six months, if you have still not used the items, then maybe it’s time to sell them or donate them! Use the proceeds to add to your savings. This will help you develop a sense of what kinds of items you really value and use in your everyday life and can help you save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases in the future.