Self-Storage Summer Wrap-Up

Published on 10/2/2023

Now that Labor Day weekend is behind us, summer is unofficially open. And even though there are still some warmish days ahead (and summer doesn’t officially end for a few more weeks), now is the time to be thinking about managing a lot of your seasonal belongings. If you are already renting a storage unit, this information will come in handy. If you don’t currently rent a unit, perhaps this post will get you thinking about the benefits of doing so. In the latter case, we’ll be glad to speak with you about your storage needs and help you pick out the size unit that will best serve them.

Closed green storage units at Volunteer Mini Storage Pool and water toys

 When dealing with any amenities that involve water, you want to make sure to avoid the risk of mold. With items like water guns, pool noodles and other water toys, clean everything well (even if that requires some disassembly) and dry it thoroughly. Leaving toys out in the sun on a hot day is one good way to achieve this. For inflatable toys of any kind, clean them with a solution of a quarter-cup baking soda mixed with a quart of warm water and scrub them gently with a brush. Applying a thin dusting of cornstarch will help prevent the sides from sticking when you store them; lay them out flat and fold them gently before packing them away. You can use their original boxes or other cardboard or plastic containers to put them in. Now they’re ready for your storage unit.


Charcoal and gas grills


Unless you think you’ll be doing some fall or winter grilling, clean your grill thoroughly. Empty the ash catcher and clean out the bottom of the bowl of your charcoal grill. With gas grills, disconnect the propane tank and clean the grill. Some people cover their gas jets with plastic wrap in the off-season to prevent insects from nesting in the tubing. Finally, cover your grill and load it up for transportation to your storage unit.

 Sporting goods

 Now that summer sports like baseball and softball are wrapped up for the most part, consider getting all those bats, balls, gloves and other gear out of the house until next season by storing them in a remote unit. That will free up space in areas like your garage and closets. Pack all that gear into sports-equipment bags or plastic tubs and get them stored for winter.