Summer Storage Tips

Published on 6/26/2024

Utilizing a self-storage unit can come in handy in many different scenarios, but in general, they provide a safe place to warehouse items you simply may not have room for at home or at your place of business. As our lives change with each passing season, our storage needs tend to change as well, often dictated by factors such as weather/temperatures, clothing needs and the types of appliances, furniture and gear we may need to use at any given time.

 Storage unit buildings at Volunteer Mini Storage

Regardless of the season, we want to make sure that the things we store are safe and secure, and summer is no exception. The following tips will help give you peace of mind through the end of this season and well into fall. 


The main priority is protecting belongings from the heat. Climate-control units aren’t always an option, so if your things are in a unit that gets hot in summer, start by making sure you’re not storing anything that could be damaged by high temperatures. These include photos, electronics, books, wooden furniture and leather goods. Humidity can cause a lot of damage too, so consider hanging bags of Damp Rid to absorb additional moisture in the air.


Don’t forget about protecting yourself from the heat as you deal with storage this summer. If you plan to make multiple trips to your unit, perhaps plan to go earlier in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the peak heat of the day. If your area happens to be caught in an unusually high heat wave, consider postponing your trip until the heat breaks. When you do visit your unit, drink water and consider wearing a wet towel around your neck. Do your work in short shifts and break them up with some time in front of your vehicle’s air conditioner. 


Your storage unit is a good place to keep things you might have gotten out of the house while spring cleaning. But before adding items to your unit, make one final pass through the house, checking drawers, shelves, the attic, garage and storage bins to make sure you’ve gathered everything you want to lock up. This will minimize the number of trips you have to make to storage this season. 


If you already have a unit, make sure you have your storage fee drafted monthly or that you pay in advance before you go on vacation. You’d hate to have a problem with your payment status while you’re out of town having fun. If you don’t have a storage unit yet, consider getting on that ASAP, as summer is a very busy time in the self-storage industry.