8 Questions To Ask When Renting Self-Storage

Published on 6/22/2020
If you’ve never rented a storage facility before, we strongly recommend that you arm yourself with information before you choose the company that will best serve your needs. There are several factors you’ll want to take into consideration before you pull the trigger on renting a unit, so we thought we’d offer you several suggestions for questions to ask when looking into a specific provider. At Volunteer Mini Storage, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about our storage units and services.

Open green self storage unit at Volunteer Mini Storage

1. How do you keep your facility secure?

Be sure to ask about things gates, on-site staff and security, and video monitoring. In general, you want a facility that has perimeter fencing and bright lighting, and someone should be monitoring security systems. 

2. What are your access hours?

Some facilities offer round-the-clock access to their customers, while some offer daytime hours only. Be sure to work with the company that can best accommodate your access needs. 

3. How do I contact staff if I need assistance?

Is someone on site during regular business hours only or 24/7? Is a staff member accessible by phone, text or online only?

4. What size units do you have available?

This is one of the biggies. You obviously don’t want something that’s not big enough to meet your needs. It may be good to allow a little extra room for expansion, but you also don’t want a space that’s obvious overkill. Does the prospective facility have a wide enough range and availability of units to meet your needs? 

5. Are your units climate-controlled?

If your storage items aren’t sensitive to temperature fluctuations, this may not even be an issue. But if you’re interested in a facility that does not offer climate control, you need to make sure you don’t store anything that could be damaged in the heat of summer or cold of winter.

6. Can I tour the facility before I make a decision?

Sometimes, just being able to lay eyes on something makes a big difference. If it’s practical for you to visit the facility before you make a final decision, it may be a good idea. It can help you visualize whether the unit you’re considering will be suitable, and it can give you a good sense of the company’s layout and security measures.

7. Are there restrictions on what I can store in my unit?

Understandably, different companies may have limits on what types of items they’ll allow to be stored. Be sure to find out the specifics before you rent a unit and then realize one of your items is not allowed on the property.

8. Do I need insurance on my items?

If so, find out if any current homeowner or renter’s policies you have might cover the contents. If they don’t, you may need to look into an option through the storage company or through your family insurer.