Do Business With Us Online!

Published on 3/31/2020

With all the social distancing, self-quarantining and hand washing we’ve all been doing lately, most of us have had to make a number of modifications to our everyday lives. The good news is that these are all temporary measures to make sure we stay safe until life gets back to normal. In the meantime, however, life does go on. Some of us still have to move from one house to another or change our living situation. Some of us still have too much stuff for where we live or simply need a place outside the home to store business materials or collectibles. In other words, the world’s need for self-storage units hasn’t changed, even in the midst of these uncertain times. 

Closed green storage units at Volunteer Mini Storage

Here’s even more good news. You don’t have to let the current social situation alter whatever plans you may have for renting a storage unit. At Volunteer Mini Storage, we’re set up to where most of the steps that would normally involve human interaction can be done online, via our website.

For example, on the Rent Storage page, you can simply browse the different size options we have available (many are on a waiting list), and choose the unit that will best serve your needs. We have units ranging in size from 10x10x8.5 to 15x20x12. From there, all you do is enter your billing information, confirm and you’re good to go.

From there, making your monthly payments is just as easy. You can go on to our website when your bill is due and log in to make a payment. Or you can set up an AutoPay plan that drafts the amount from your bank account each month. There are several advantages to AutoPay, including reduced risk of identity theft; saving money on checks, stamps and ATMs; and it ensures prompt payment and the peace of mind of knowing you won’t miss a payment. And yes, you don't have to come in contact with other people. 

We also pride ourselves on our clean storage units, although any time you need to access your unit, we still recommend washing your hands thoroughly before and after your visit. That’s something we should all be doing any time we visit any public place these days. And remember that self-storage facilities tend to be low-traffic businesses, so you can generally visit your storage unit and add or remove whatever you need to with minimum risk of coming into close contact with others.