10 Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit (Part 3)

Published on 2/26/2020

For the past couple of months, we’ve been running a series of blog posts highlighting 10 great reasons for renting a storage unit. (If you missed our previous two posts, you can find them here.) This month, we’re going to wrap things up with five more situations in which renting a unit for a short- or long-term basis can come in handy.

Storage unit buildings at Volunteer Mini Storage

6) End of a relationship 

Sadly, not all relationships hold together for the long haul. Many fall apart, and when they do, and when a couple is cohabitating, it’s common for one partner to want to leave the residence as soon as possible. A new housing situation may not be quick in coming, so the exiting partner may very likely need a place to store belongings until a more permanent housing situation can be secured. 

7) Start of a marriage or relationship

On the other side of the coin, when two partners decide to share a house or apartment for the first time, there may not be room for them to merge their two households (this is similar to a scenario we mentioned in Part 1 of this series). When that happens, a self-storage unit can provide secure storage while the couple decides what’s ultimately going to go where. (And hopefully, this won’t lead to scenario number 6 above…) 

8) Vehicle storage

We tend to think of storage units as being places to keep boxes of belongings or pieces of furniture. But some units are big enough to shelter smaller vehicles. This can come in handy if you have a car, boat, motorcycle or trailer that needs to be stored for an extended period or on a seasonal basis.

9) Storage for the traveler

People who require short-term accommodations as part of their jobs or people who may spend entire seasons in another residence can also make good use of a storage facility. It’s a great place to house items that you may not have room for during your temporary housing situation.

10) Collections

Are you a collector? If so, a storage facility may be the ideal way to house your collection without crowding yourself out of house and home – especially if you live with someone who doesn’t share your enthusiasm for collectibles. Whether it’s stamps, baseball cards, dolls or whatever, consider using a facility like our Wears Valley storage units to store and protect your valuable collection.