10 Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit (Part 2)

Published on 1/24/2020

Last month, we introduced you to a couple of the top reasons that people decide to rent self-storage units – to free up more space at home and to temporarily store extra possessions during the moving process. But those aren’t the only two situations that can necessitate the services of a storage company. This month, we’ll run through several more common scenarios that we see with our customers on a regular basis. If any of these resonate with or apply to you, contact us at Volunteer Mini Storage, and we’ll recommend the size storage unit that will best serve your needs.

Storage unit buildings at Volunteer Mini Storage

3) A safe haven during home renovation 

Home-improvement projects can be messy. If you’re doing anything that involves cutting up sheetrock, installing new flooring material or even dealing with the aftermath of a leaky roof or a flooded basement, chances are you’re going to need to remove belongings and furnishings to protect them from damage (or further damage). In cases such as these, consider a self-storage unit. It can provide a safe place for you to keep your items until your renovation project is complete and your new-and-improved space is ready to welcome your items back home.

4) Seasonal storage

Most households have things that they only use during certain times of year, meaning that they need to be stored during the remainder of the year while they’re not in use. For example, seasonal sports gear like skiing equipment and golf clubs and even larger items like wave runners don’t need to clutter up your house year ‘round. This principle can even apply to possessions like out-of-season-clothing. A storage unit is a great way to give these things a safe home when they’re not in use while also giving you and your family a lot more breathing room back home. So when golf season comes around again, it’s a simple matter of retrieving your golf clubs (or even your golf cart) from storage and maybe storing your skis, snowboards and poles until next winter. 

5. Storing business inventory or archives

Self-storage doesn’t have to be just for households. Businesses often take advantage of our facilities for warehousing excess inventory, product samples, archival records and much more. A self-storage unit can provide manageable and economically sensible facilities for a wide variety of businesses and provide climate-controlled space at a fraction of the cost of a traditional warehouse. This option also gives business owners security for their property and round-the-clock access.

Check back next month, when we’ll wrap our list of 10 reasons to rent a storage unit.