Storage Packing Essentials

Published on 7/29/2020

If you’ve just recently secured a storage facility from us (or any vendor), or if you’re in the process of searching for a unit to store your belongings, here’s something to consider before you actually relocate your items: How well you pack your things will have a big impact on how protected they will be during their time in storage. To ensure that you pack everything properly before it goes into your rental unit, we’ve listed just a few of the essential supplies you’ll need to help you get your stuff squared away.

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They’re not just for moving. They’re very important to protecting your storables. The good news is that you’ll probably be using boxes anyway to transport smaller items to your storage unit. So it makes sense to use those same containers to pack them away as well. As with moving, don’t skimp on box quality; you don’t want the bottom of your boxes falling out just as you’re loading in or loading out months down the line. And don’t overload boxes. If you’re packing away heavy items like books, use smaller boxes. Lighter items like bedding and pillows can go into larger boxes.

Bubble wrap

Wadded up newspaper is yesterday’s news. Bubble wrap is the best way to protect fragile items like glassware, antiques or anything that’s easily breakable. If you put those types of things in boxes, you’ll definitely want to place those boxes at the top of a stack.

Packing tape

You’ll want to seal those boxes up with heavy-duty packing tape. It helps maintain the structural integrity of the boxes, and it will add further protection to their contents. For convenience, use packing tape that’s loaded onto a dispenser or gun, which will help you to easily find the end of the roll when going for the next strip.

Markers and labels

Sure, you remember everything you put in those boxes on the day you load them into your storage unit. But what about six months from now when you go to unpack seasonal clothes or retrieve those financial records you suddenly realize you need? Chances are you won’t remember what items were in what boxes. So take a Sharpie or label maker or something that will designate what’s inside each one. And be as detailed as you need to be. Labeling a box with BASEBALL STUFF AND OLD RUNNING SHOES will be a lot more helpful than just saying SPORTING GOODS.